Aria Public Design

Charter School of the Dunes (K-12; Gary, Indiana)

Main entryEntry hall and stairCafeteria corridorElementary classroomMiddle school classroomHigh school art classroomCafeteriaCourtyardDedication/opening day


This project was the final iteration of a project to create a new home for the existing Charter School of the Dunes in Gary, Indiana. The new school follows the original intent to create a memorable image for the school, set along an industrial corridor, using pre-engineered metal building components. The goal was to take advantage of the industrialized systems to serve the school’s need for a new facility that is low-cost, quickly constructed, and which has a low dead load because of the sandy soils of the site in this duneland environment.

Eric Davis, Partner at Aria Consulting, previously designed the earlier versions of this project while at CDM. His firm, PDA, was hired to serve as Design Architect for the conversion of the school design, previously a K-8 school, to a K-12 school, i.e. to redesign it and add a high school.