Aria Public Design

Discovery Charter School (K-6; Chesterton, Indiana)

Second floor corridorTypical classroomCafeteriaBuilding entry/drop off area


This project was designed by Eric Davis, Partner at Aria Consulting, while working at CDM. It involved the complete interior renovation of an existing two-story, 26,000 SF office building for use as a K-5 charter elementary school. The existing building’s suspended ceilings were very low, as was the school’s budget, so the design was to remove and not replace them, leave the existing overhead HVAC and lighting systems exposed which also makes the rooms taller and more open. Other than some new windows to provide code-required natural ventilation, the budget did not include any exterior renovations. The design also involved moving corridor and classroom walls slightly off the rectangular grid, which reduces acoustic reflections and also breaks up otherwise bland rooms.