Aria Public Design

Linne Elementary School Addition (K-8; Chicago, Illinois)

Linne School EntryAerial view of campusEntry from the southGym entranceCafeteria courtyard
  • New face to existing campus – re-unification
  • Articulation of color and volumes within low-cost structure
  • Variety of detail and composition within “prototype” vocabulary

Chicago Public Schools This project is a 32,000 SF addition to an existing four-story elementary school on Chicago’s northwest side. It contains nine classrooms, a gymnasium, lunchroom, library and computer classroom. The addition was an expansion over the typical “prototype” addition design with elements such as the entry stair tower and the juxtaposition of the more playful K-2 wing with the more straightforward 3-4 wing within this K-8 school.

The design challenge was to break down the scale of the box-like “prototype” upon which the program was based into discreet blocks, to mediate the scale between an adjacent commercial laundry and the residences next door, without breaking the cost envelope. The design brings together the materials from the two pre-existing buildings into a richer and more playful palette. The gym element is expressed in a visually distinct manner and animates the new courtyard between existing and addition. This project was designed by Eric Davis, Partner at Aria Consulting, while working at OWP+P (now Cannon Design).