Aria Public Design

Qatar P-8 Sample Design

P-8 Sample design sideview"Teaching Studio" ClassroomView through protective roofView with protective roof

Aria Public Design has developed this sample design to demonstrate our design capabilities in the Education sector. The school is based around concepts from Qatar’s history, traditions, and geography, combined with the latest educational and architectural technolgies. This 20,000 square meter school could be located outside of Doha city as part of the expansion of any number of communities in Qatar. The plan is inspired the historic pattern of the excavated city of Al Zubarah; a series of clustered volumes creating human-scaled spaces, with larger volumes grouped around communal areas. Atop the entire “city” complex is a thin floating concrete roof, designed to absorb the punishing solar impact, akin to layered bedouin tents, reducing air conditioning loads on the school itself while providing shade and shelter. The individual classrooms are “teaching labs” providing rear-projection, large-format-touchscreen, and other contemporary teaching technologies to reinforce the “flip” approach where in-class time is focused on direct teacher instruction instead of rote lecturing.