Aria Public Design

Smart Home

Le Corbusier said a home is a “machine for living.” Aria has just had the privilege of designing and building a “Smart Home,” a machine for learning that will make other homes much more efficient machines for their residents and society.

The Smart House was Prof. Mohammad Shahidehpour’s idea, the Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation director at Illinois Institute of Technology. A globally-recognized figure, Dr. Shahidehpour and his team are increasing our ability to use less energy. For instance, his “Perfect Power Project” funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) has converted the IIT campus to a smart microgrid with a 20% reduction in its base load consumption and 50% reduction in consumption,” according to the University. At the Smart Home, researchers emulate actual domestic electricity consumption patterns at the Smart Home, by activity, time of day, season, etc.

People will need machines for living. Based in part on Smart Home, we can hope their homes are considerably more efficient than any we have now.