Aria Public Design

Christopher FitzHenry Robling

APD co-founder Chris Robling is Principal and Vice President for Public Relations, Communications, and Government Affairs. Mr. Robling has served as an aid to several Members of Congress, a Commissioner of Elections for the City of Chicago and a senior executive of Chicago’s Regional Transportation Authority. As commissioner in the early 1990s he advocated widespread adoption of imaging technology to streamline data processing in relation to election administration. At RTA, he worked with Raytheon on a groundbreaking PRT application, which led to some of the Smart Car technology being used today. He is the recipient of several awards in journalism and communications. He has been WGN-TV’s Republican analyst since 2006, an anchorman at WMAQ-AM and a longtime program host and substitute host at WBEZ-FM. Two Illinois Congressmen asked him to join their Suburban Transportation Commission, and he led the minority on Chicagoland’s 2004-5 Northeastern Illinois Regional Transportation Task Force. In corporate communications, he has assisted a long list of major firms in complex matters of regulation and litigation, including matters as diverse as preventing a $12 billion appeal bond to assisting the first bank acquisition using Sec. 363 of the federal bankruptcy code. He graduated from Georgetown University in economics and philosophy and studied law at Northwestern University.