Aria Public Design


Architecture and Interior Design

APD specializes in designing schools and hotels, inside and out. Our principal architect, a School of the Art Institute of Chicago educator and a published expert, has led the regional architecture practice of two of the largest engineering and design firms in the Midwestern United States. He has designed or managed hundreds of school projects over 30 years.

Our principal hospitality architect has designed some of the finest hotels for brands such as Grand Hyatt, Four Seasons, Hyatt Regency, Millennium Knickerbocker, and J.W. Marriot, in India, Brazil, Colombia, China, and the United States, providing elegance, clarity, and memorable imagery.

APD’s commitment to design excellence and sustainability meets the requirements of schedule, budget, and aspiration of the innovative projects being undertaken in Qatar and other Gulf countries.

Infrastructure Engineering and Planning

APD provides unique skills in developing solutions to infrastructure challenges in energy and transportation. From leading innovative “smart grid” solutions, to helping guiding a world-class regional transportation authority, we put our singular experience at your disposal.

We understand that buildings and the people who use them do not exist in isolation but rather are part of interconnected systems. It is this integration that we help to provide, the perspective that drives our creativity.

Management and Consulting

In addition to specific projects and local challenges, the partners at APD have the experience and expertise to supplement your capital construction efforts. Our strategic knowledge can be leveraged to help you achieve desired efficiencies and effectiveness, manage budgets and schedules, maintain design and technical standards, and coordinate those efforts with a wide range of stakeholders.